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Hong Kong nat’l earns eskrima blackbelt

Leo Fai of Hong Kong, China earned his blackbelt after more than 80 rigorous hours of Eskrima training at the Doce Pares World Headquarters recently.

He is the first eskrima blackbelt in Hong Kong and China.

Doce Pares Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio Cañete is elated that Fai is a very dedicated student of the art.

“He came here and took a leave of absence from his duties as Sports TV presentor in Hong Kong to learn the Doce Pares,” said SGM Cañete, who personally trained Fai.

“Fai also committed himself to establish the Doce Pares Hong Kong as he wants to impart his eskrima knowledge,” added SGM Cañete.

With his addition to the blackbelt circle, Fai is expected to boost the growth of eskrima practitioners in Hong Kong and nearby Macau.

Fai, who started training eskrima from a different system since 2007, found Doce Pares Multi-Style System in a Discovery Channel’s TV show—Human Weapon. Since then he has devoted his time in practicing the Doce Pares through videos until early this month when he lived and trained at the headquarters.

Fai also practices and is certified to start his own Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club while he is a Tae Kwon Do instructor when not practicing eskrima.